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Government of Yukon announces proposed framework for legalized cannabis

The Government of Yukon has released its proposed framework for the legalization of cannabis, which will form the basis of new territorial legislation to regulate cannabis in Yukon

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Hon. Pauline Frost



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What we heard: Yukon's approach to cannabis legalizationFeature 1 Image

The information gathered via the survey is informing the Yukon government’s development of a new act for the regulation of cannabis. Our plan is to maximize local benefits while minimizing local harms.

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Influenza (the Flu)Feature 2 Image

Flu clinic schedules are now online

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Important changes to use/collection of the Yukon Health Care card/numberFeature 3 Image

As of December 31, 2016 all Yukon government departments and agencies can no longer collect the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan card/number to prove Yukon residency.

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