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Cannabis legalization in Yukon: Have your say

The federal government is making cannabis (marijuana) legal in Canada in July 2018. It’s now up to Yukon to make local decisions about a number of issues, including how and where it will be sold, where it can be consumed, and how to address impaired driving and workplace safety.

As the Government of Yukon considers its options related to legal cannabis, its decisions will be guided by the following principles:  

  • Provide for legal, controlled access to cannabis that displaces illegal and criminal activity. 
  • Prioritize public health, safety and harm reduction, with a focus on protecting youth from negative health effects.

Yukoners are invited to learn more about cannabis and to share their input, which will inform how Yukon adapts to legalization.

Take the survey between August 10 and September 30, 2017.

Results of the survey will be posted to this site by November 15, 2017

Take the survey

Share your thoughts on cannabis legalization. Take the full survey (about 30 minutes), or select the topic that most interests you. You can also download a printable version of the survey and return it to us by mail.

Take the Survey

Legalization across Canada

While legalization is a federal decision, provinces and municipalities have been given areas of responsibility.

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About cannabis

Basic information about cannabis, its potential health effects, and statistics on how it’s used in Yukon.

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Cannabis legalization in Yukon: Have your say

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